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Assalamu alaikum [peace be upon you]

There are two sides of this site as you see: the Index side contains purely Quranic verses and notes, comments, explanations [tafsir] regarding these verses. These are classified into main categories and then into sub-categories and then into files that contain the actual Quranic verses and their tafsirs or notes. Sometimes there are more sub-classifications under a sub-classification. 

One can see the complete listing of all the sub-classifications and files belonging to a main category by clicking on the main category listed under the main Index.

Often sura and verse numbers are shown right on the file-titles for convenience.

The works of major translators have been used in this site with enormous gratitude to them and prayers for them. Their names are shortened throughout this compilation: for example, Muhammad Asad is ‘Asad’,  Muhammad Mermeduke Pickthall is ‘Pickthall’, Edip Yuksel is ‘Yuksel’, etc., and then Muhammad Yusuf Ali is abbreviated as ‘Ali’ only.

In this site comments or explanations [tafsir] - by classic commentators  such as  Tabari,  Baghawi,  Zamakhshari,  Razi,  Ibn Kathir,  Baydawi,  etc,  as well as by modern commentators such as  Mermeduke Pickthall, Yusuf Ali, Muhammad Asad, T.B Irving, Edip Yuksel – are used.

The other side of the site contains the list of Articles and Opinions of various scholars, thinkers, writers, etc.. This is done with the purpose of stimulating a lively dialogue among the people who hold similar or different views. We believe as the Quran alludes that Truth can be reached through exchanges, conversations and consultations. The purpose of this site is to pursue Truth. May God give us His Mercy and Guidance without which Truth cannot be pursued.

Please leave your valuable comments and articles to be published in this site. Upon review we may publish it.

We pray and hope this site could be of some help to you.



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Ruby Amatulla