God is the Judge, humans are not

Ruby Amatulla

One’s religion is one’s own interpretation of truth. Everyone has that God given right to choose his/her own faith [Quran 2:256], and only God is the Judge as to who is closer to God. No brand name of religion and ritual hold passport to heaven: it is one's faith and the actions that emanate from that faith contribute to salvation.

 How one worships God is an extremely internal affair that others simply cannot know. 

Yes, there could be some human failures in grasping the essence of truth by someone no matter what he/she calls himself/he­rself but then we all fall into that category of failing to grasp truth, more or less. The One and only Judge of who is more failed and who is less failed is none other than God Himself. It is wrong and blasphemous for a human to trespass that boundary.”